Mixed Reality

MRH, is a wireless headphone type 3D audio player. It is a convergent product which integrates the benefits of existing headphones and ear buds, allowing customers to take both consumer-centered, high-quality sound and portability. MRH will be shaking the audio market that is divided by sound quality and portability. In particular, we developed, patented and applied to MRH 3D Audio technology, which is drawing particular attention recently in the market.

IoT Security

IoT Security Access Card is the next generation security system that is responsible for the safety of the company. Cards and docking stations (card management devices) that incorporate power-free display technology and it consists of a mobile app for the administrator.

3D Printing

We are developing the next-generation 3D printer solutions and develop software and hardware capable of composing and outputting various materials including electronic circuits and bio. We also make tools which Covers existing 3D printing that are convenient for non-experts to handle. The new convergence output method allows you to experience a shorter process of product completion. Whoborn Inc.'s next-generation 3D printer solutions look to the future.


We are developing educational solutions and natural learning tools and methods tailored to the inherent nature and abilities of children. There is a hidden genius in children. Kids can observe with eyes, touch with hands, play games and learn happily through paradises that have patterned concepts and logic. Decar thinks happy education.


WAIS is an AI solution that uses artificial intelligence deep learning and imaging processing technology to measure object recognition, distance, size, etc. and corresponds to various O/S and devices.

Aptitude Solutions

We are developing aptitude solutions. By analyzing various information such as personal digital information and everyday life, we develop a solution to find your aptitude. We connect people of similar aptitudes and support communities between different aptitude groups through on / offline. Whoborn Inc. thinks of a happy world for everyone.

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